• Easy Application & Fast Results

    Just spray the leaves! The most cost-effective way to apply trace minerals to the plant is through the leaves. This makes all of the nutrients immediately available to the plant. Your plant can be watered or rained on one hour after applying; the micros will be fully absorbed.

  • The Best Garden

    Our concentrate is perfect for flowers, gardens, trees, shrubs, and more! Apply to any & all flowers to see incredibly large and vibrant blooms. Apply to your garden to have the biggest crops that are full of flavor, plus even more healthy and full of nutrition. Spray on fruit trees to make them naturally disease and insect resistant without spraying harmful chemicals.

  • Natural & Chemical Free

    This will help the organic grower! Using our micros will optimize your plants nutrition. Our concentrate has the perfect blend of: Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Boron, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Nickel, & Sulfur. These are all natural elements that plants need - and Mike's Mighty Micros are giving you the perfect amount for full genetic expression.

Bigger Leaves, Stronger Stems, Bigger Flowers!

  • What is Full Genetic Expression?

    Full genetic expression means the plant has no nutritional deficiencies. It has what it needs to be disease resistant and insect resistant - naturally through nutrition. The plants immune system is at full efficiency.

  • Why does your plant need Mike's Mighty Micros?

    Spraying your plant with our bio-enhanced Super Concentrate is like you taking zinc and vitamin D, the nutrients your body needs a trace amount of everyday. Fertilizer is the food, this is the vitamins. Our formula has all the trace amounts of vitamins your plants need everyday.

  • Why spray the plant leaves?

    Spraying Mike's Mighty Micros on the leaves is the most efficient way to apply trace minerals. As the plant grows, the nutrients will be more available to uptake from the soil.

  • What can I use Mike's Mighty Micros on?

    Great for all plants, the home gardener, any indoor flowers, any urban gardens, trees, shrubs or any plant you would like to grow!

  • How strong will Mike's Mighty Micros make my plant?

    When a plant is fully genetic expressed it has no weakness. Its at its full strength and potential - making it more resistant to what nature throws at it.

  • When will I see a difference in my plant?

    Since you spray Mike's Mighty Micros on the leaves of the plant, you will get fast results! In only a few weeks your plant will start to look healthier than its ever been.